Modern Document Understanding metadata issue

I’m using the modern/preview document understanding and have run into an odd issue. I have published changes to the fields as are defined in the document types yet studio has stopped recognizing the newly published versions of the extractors. Even worse, when in studio, it continues to show older versions that have be deleted as choices.

Given that it’s the preview/modern version, I can’t force updates in AI Center, and publishing new versions does not make them available to use in an Extract Document Data activity.

To give a specific but artificial example, I had published rc1_SDS_v1, rc2_SDS_v2, rc3_SDS_v3 (as well as others with each of those versions). I deleted the rc1 from the Publish tab, yet I still see only the rc2_SDS_v2 and rc1_SDS_v1 (and not the rc3).

Any ideas how I can force that metadata to refresh so it reflects the same as is shown in the Publish tab?


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Can you show some screenshot…

Did you try with creating a new project


Here you go. In studio, this is what shows as available extractors

and here is what is published.

as you can see, I have other published models that are since deleted that show in the available extractors, and newer ones that are published don’t appear.