Mobile Device Connection Step by Step Guide

You got error when you run platform tools command ?
If so then I think you download old version ok SDK
Try this and download

hello @sandeep13
Actually i download version of sdk but im getting same issue.

Please help me

your tools folder look like this??

hello @sandeep13
I download latest file again.3 files are missing it is aapt, zipalign, packages.
I think i need packages folder already you sent aapt and zipalign files

Step 2: Installed Platform Tools. For this open Command Prompt and inside command prompt navigate inside of ‘bin’ folder that in inside the extracted file from Step 1 and run the below command:

sdkmanager “platform-tools” “platforms;android-28”

when you tried this command then you got error

yes again i run this command still getting same error

Everything is correct. download this package file and try
make sure system installed java and Java_Home is set in Environment variable

.package.xml (919 Bytes)

hello @sandeep13
I download package file and replace this file in tools folder but still getting same issue.

Hi Sandeep,

It would be helpful for me if you solvent problem which I am facing in mobile automation.

  1. How to capture the toast messages content?? I tried using recorder but is is not working.

  2. How to capture the remote desktop elements??? like I am using team viewer in my mobile Device to access remote machine so I want to capture elements in that remote machine … Fro desktops we have computer vision concept but mobile what we have ??

Please respond.

Hi, just wanted to update I had the same issue and this actually worked for me:


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Watch out this video for complete Uipath mobile automation step by step guide.

Hi, Can you please provide steps for iOS configuration as well?

Follow below steps:


I understand you, you are going to follow these steps for the problem with the App.

  1. go to this link'home'
  2. you select Appium
  3. search Step 2: Upload your App, and upload the app


  1. you are going to copy the capability
  2. you are going to create a new capability in your devices called “app” and in “values” you paste what was copied in step four

and ready :slight_smile:

browstack will store your apps. As you are creating a capability “app” within your Devices you will not have to create a new “application” in the Device Manager

Even you can do the same with Mac Machine and pass the MacMachine IP address and your system and the Mac machine should be in the same network’

thanks to @Santiago_Alexander_Astros

When trying to connect Emulator from Uipath ( mobile Device Manager) getting below error . Can any one please help

A new session could not be created. Details: io.appium.uiautomator2.common.exceptions.NoSuchDriverException: A session is either terminated or not started (SessionNotCreated)

Please see Unable to connect with Appium - #2 by phaserescu

If you’re using Appium 1.20.0, there is a known issue with that version of Appium.

i am using Appium 1.20.2

1.20.x is broken for MobileAutomation activities. Try 1.21 or anything older between 1.15 - 1.19.

i downgraded to 1.15.0 . still not able to connect . Getting below error.

A session is either terminated or not started

Thank you very much , i was able to connect . i had given time out , which i removed and it worked :slight_smile:

@phaserescu Hi Cristian,

I was facing the issue for appium 1.20.2 now i downgrade to 1.15.1. but now it is keep connecting. not showing any logs or error. can you please tell me where i can see the actual logs like we can see in appium desktop app.