Mobile Application to Support Event Management

Mobile Application to Support Event Management

A leading professional association created to fulfil the needs of professionals in the Insurance industry.

The customer supports the professional needs of experts in the Insurance domain. They offer membership to these professionals and conduct networking events, conferences, webinars, education programs, trainings, and other organizational activities for the benefit of these members.

• Absence of a mobile-based system affected the event management processes.
• There was a lot of admin backlog after each event such as:
o updating attendee details
o handling event reviews and feedbacks
o evaluating speaker ratings
o generating reports on event performance
• Manual administration processes minimized their productivity.
• When the attendees are at the venue, they did not have an option to receive notifications on the upcoming sessions or activities.
• The attendees found it difficult to manage sudden itinerary changes, thereby losing several opportunities.
• During an event, the attendees were unable to quickly access the reference materials. They had to download the materials from the event’s portal.
• Rapid increase in the number of events and attendees affected the performance of the system.
• Significant maintenance effort was required to run the system which incurred heavy costs.

• A highly responsive mobile application to handle the Events module.
• Separate mobile applications for public users and admins.
• Mobile applications should support event coordination and facilitate better interaction.
• Details captured in the mobile application should seamlessly sync with the system after each event.
• Attendees should be able to keep track of all the sessions and activities, and make any plan changes if required.

We can develop two mobile applications:
• Mobile application for event attendees: This is a cross-platform mobile application to be used by those members who register for any event, conducted by the professional association. Once a member registers for an event, they can download the application into their device. Using this application, the attendees can get details on the upcoming sessions in the registered event, note the start and end times of each session, know the sponsors, look for keynote speakers, go through relevant reference materials during a session, rate the event, share feedbacks, and rate the speakers. There is also an option for messaging, through which attendees of an event can text and interact with each other.
• Mobile application for admins: This mobile application is built in native platform that helps admins to track the attendance details of the event registrants at the venue. When the admin selects a registered user, all the details corresponding to that registrant are displayed. Admins can also set user privileges like providing registrants with access to their resources. The application has a provision to enter attendee signature on the device during their arrival, if required. Once the event gets over, the admins can quickly sync the details recorded in their mobile application with the backend system, without any hassles. This information is later used for issuing certificates, generating reports, and managing future interactions with the attendees.

• Highly responsive, fast, and scalable mobile application.
• Attendees can quickly access reference materials before or during an event.
• Flexible application that allows attendees to plan their activities on the fly.
• Calendar functionality to note and update variations in schedules.
• Removed admin backlogs due to easy data sync after each event.
• Admins also have the option to do event registration for existing members in their system, if required.