ML skill need help update

I am having ML skill implemented.
I have to make some changes in Data Labelling.
If I make any changes , do I need to export once again ?
Then I have to run pipeleine and create ML Skill ??

Hi @Ritaman_Baral

If you make any changes in data labelling then you need to export the new changes. Then run the pipeline and No need to create new ML skill.

Can I skip running the pipeline ?


If you want to reflect the new changes then you might need to run the new pipeline.

If the changes to your data labeling are minor and do not significantly affect the training data, you might be able to skip running the entire training pipeline.

If you’ve made substantial changes to the data labeling, it’s generally recommended to retrain the model. Major changes can have a significant impact on the model’s performance and accuracy, and retraining is often necessary to ensure the model’s effectiveness.

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