Machine learning skill

ML Skill version upgraded to the latest by following links Updating Package Version

  1. In the ML Skill Details page, click next to the package version you want to use. The button is disabled for the version that is currently in use, marked as Current . The Update skill window is displayed.
  2. In the Update skill window, click OK to update the skill to use the selected package version.

However after doing this it never works, It is been two days i am upgrading the version, however there is no error its just that when i log in i have to do this again.

Dear Experts,

Can you please help me with training pipeline, i have been following the Managing Pipelines

I do also see successful within the logs

I see th epipeline is still running and not successful. Not sure what i did incorrect here

The next it mentions failed to create Deployment

Any help to above issue is much appreciated - thanks

same issue for me.Brother please let me know if you get any solutions. After creating successful pipeline my ml skills is not getting deployed

Hi yes I did get a solution and noted in a document I’ll attach the same tomorrow morning from my computer

Thanks Brother my problem is solved. But another problem after training i deployed my new ml skill, but couldn’t extract some feilds using ML extractor. It is showing that Feils is not extracted. Please let me know if u have any solution for this problem

can you please share the screenshot of the issue? Has the data dictionary been updated?