ML Skill FAILED for Object Detection Out of the box Package

Hi, I tried many time to create ML Skills for Object Detection Out of the box Package
But got the error

Anyone have any idea what is the error and how to fix?

Hi @thuduong ,

Are you trying to Create the ML Skill directly without any Training Pipeline ?

yes. I want to create ML Skills to use in Studio. Is this package pre-trained?

@thuduong ,

Yes. It is pre-trained by UiPath using the Coco Dataset. You should be able to directly create an ML Skill without the need of Training the model.

Let us know if you have trained the model using your datasets or have directly created the ML Skill.

For more info :

Yes. I directly created an ML Skill after create ML Package.
But I tried it again today and it run well. No failure

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@thuduong ,

At times there may be an outage of the AI Center. So it would take time for a fix to be applied on it. You could get to know the status of the UiPath Cloud Products using the below link :

Many thanks

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Hi @thuduong
Sorry for the delayed answer, is your issue fixed? Is this on prem or Cloud?