Missing some (important) activities

Hello community,

I have an issue with some important activities which just disapear over the weekend and then they are back w/o any my intervention.

For example “Attach Browser” just dissapear and after few day it is back. I cannot even find it in search like it is not existing. Instead of it its displayed this:
Also some functions from those activities are missing.

I am using Community Edition.

Thanks, Lukas

I can’t speak for Community Edition, but I know in my Enterprise Edition (usually a few patches behind CE) for some reason in my Package Manager Feeds, the Official and Go! feeds are disabling themselves, so any activities from there are being disabled as well as any updated versions of the activities (and the functionality that comes with it) is also disabled. I just have to manually go in and enable the feeds and it works again.

Try checking that the Official and Go! feeds are active, you may have been using a package version that is no longer usable without reference to those activities.

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