Missing operand after " X " operator

hi, we gave me an exercice to do and i am stuck with this error

isn’t the bot supposed to read “tax id” and not “tax” + “id” ? why the space seems to be read ?
I wanted to extract the datas in the column named tax id in the acme’s website. what can i do for it ?


Use something like

Should the “taxid” argument be DataRow or string? i think it’s string.

I think the column name has to be a single word

extractTable is dataTable type so i thought if i extract just one column it should be dataRow.

it shows me an error when i turn it to string

if you are doing Assignment 2, you should use a get text, in the output, use a variable of type generic, and then use an assign, and filter the text with the following line:
Out_taxid = idvendor.Substring (idvendor.IndexOf (“TaxID:”) + “TaxID:” .Length) .Split (Environment.NewLine.ToArray) (0)
Note: “idvendor” is the output of the get text activity.Capturar

it’s not the Assignment 2, i think it’s one part of the advance certification final exam

Hi @gri

If there is a whitespace in the column name, then you should enclosed it in square brackets like "[Tax ID] 'condition'"

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hi @nimin

what should be the condition ? knowing that i want to extract the whole column.
i tried this without the condition and it says:
“message”: “Assign: Filter expression ‘[Tax ID]’ does not evaluate to a Boolean term.”,

Hi @grish,

If you want to extract all rows contains “tax id”, please assign,
Datarow[ ], out_TaxID= ExtractDatatable.Select("[Tax ID] <>'"+string.empty+"'")

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