Assign: Cannot perform '<' operation on System.String and System.Int32


I’m a beginner to uipath and i’m creating a automation to extracting price and name from lazada(e-commerce website) and filter it <5 dollars and >5 dollars but whenever i run the project it throws a error like this Assign: Cannot perform ‘<’ operation on System.String and System.Int32. I’m using assign activity to filter out the datatable ExtractDataTable.Select(“Price<5”).CopyToDataTable
Can anyone help me do solve this.

Thank you so much for your time.

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as string and Int32 are different datatypes you have to bring it on a same base. In your case on Int.

I assume that you want to compair the value from a price column.

Give a try on:
ExtractDataTableFiltered.Select(“Convert([Price], System.Int32) < 5”).CopyToDataTable

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Thank you for the help buddy but after i change it to ExtractDataTableFiltered.Select(“Convert([Price], System.Int32) < 5”).CopyToDataTable i got and error like this
Assign: Cannot find column [Price]. My column name is Price in my excel sheet but i dont know why its showing like this. Please help me
Thank you so much

Check for this typo in my Post: ExtractDataTableFiltered vs. ExtractDataTable and use your var name
Check in Excel if in the cell with the header name Price a space before or after is present. This often occurs and leads to this issue

Ya i changed the variable name.
No buddy my there is no space before and after the Price and i run several times and changed the header name several times too but its still throws the same error Assign: Cannot find column [Header Name]