Missing number values commas after Merge?

Hello all,

I have a issue about the merging excel. I know how to do it but something is happening that i dont notice. I have 7 different xls file and I merging all of the file into one xlsx file.So far everything is normal , i dont have any error message or something. When I open the file, I see that the numbers that are written in the cells are not copied correctly.Number values like 27834,421353 commas always missing after merge. I am sharing 2 screenshot to see the original and the merge one.

By the way i also try to append method and directly copy-paste without using merge and append methods but the result is same.

Thanks in advance for your help…


this happens when you copy numeric values from one excel to another excel file, you can try appending ’ ( single quote) before the copying a cell value to destination excel.
it will make excel to think it as string value.

try and let me know if it works for you

i will try to your suggestion but i wonder why the number values like 674,04 ; 308,33 is copied normal, the values like 368,2312334 ; 37645,8921312 is not copied normally ? When the number of digits written in the decimal section in the cell increases UIPath dies :smiley:


dont blame UIpath, even in other scripts like java,.net this issue exists.

this is microsoft problem…:joy: