Missing Activities (packages)

Hello Everyone,
For some reason it seems that many activities are missing in my installation of Studio X.
For example: SQL capabilities, Try/Catch block and more.
In addition, they cannot be found in the “Manage packages” tab for installation.



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Studiox does not have try catch…it ai there in studio…

Sql you can check in manage packages as database it might be found…


Hello @Anil_G ,
Thank you for replying.
So what are the options available for error handling in studio x? and where can I find the download link for studio?

Thank you!

Hi @orbah

To download UiPath Studio you can follow below steps:

=> Go to your Orchestrator i.e. https://cloud.uipath.com and login to your account.
=> After that click on the marked icon as shown below

=> Click on the Downloads as shown below

=> It will be navigated to the page from where you can download UiPath Studio Community edition.

This below link will also help you download the setup file directly.



There is no error handling option in studiox…that is meant for a different use

For studio…you dont need to specifically download something else but need to assign a developer license if you have then you can go to settings-> change profile and switch to studio



FYI, if we turn on Developer option in Filter of Activities panel, we can use TryCatch etc.
Please note that it’s necessary to disable GlobalExceptionHandler using Studio or editin project.json directly, because GlobalHandler will catch exception before TryCatch will do in most case.

If you need to use Studio, please check your plan in Automation Cloud. Community plan or Pro plan etc is necessary. In Free plan, we can use only StudioX.