Minus one from another

Hello all.

Am trying to get one value to minus from another to assign the difference as a variable.

Both original numbers may have a decimal point as it is a monetary value for each.

Thanks muchly

@MikeBlades. check attached file hope it will be use full and let me know

Subtract Decimal.zip (2.0 KB)


@indra Hello, thanks for your equation. I tried that, but it did not work. My two variables are STRING, where i notice yours are DOUBLE…is that the part i’m missing? if so, how do i convert them to double, just for this part of the process? (they are needed elsewhere)

Thanks muchly


Hi @MikeBlades ,

Double.TryParse Method (String, Double)
Here we go.
stringToDouble.xaml (8.8 KB)

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SubtractionResultvar =(Convert.todouble(var1.trim) - convert.todouble(var2.trim)).tostring

Is it what you want?

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