Minumum System Requirements for installing uipath


I am looking for a guide where I can see the minimum System Requirements for installing UIPath. Do we have any?


I found this but I know there is more. Such as memory, processor requirements…etc

The UiPath Orchestrator has the following logical components, grouped in three layers:
User Interface Layer
Web Application
Web Services Layer
Monitoring Service
Logging Service
Deployment Service
Configuration Service
Queues Service
Persistence Layer
SQL Server
These can be installed in a number of different ways, depending on the scale of your RPA implementation.
For 10 to 50 Robots - you can install the web application and services on a single machine, SQL Server and ElasticSearch on another machine, and 10 to 50 for the Robots.
For 100 to 200 Robots - you can use one machine for each of the following (other than the robots):
the web app with the configuration and deployment services
the queues and monitoring services
logging service
SQL Server
ElasticSearch cluster
Note: We do not offer hosting.
For questions regarding pricing or other subjects, do not hesitate to contact us.
Other Considerations:
SQL Server license (oldest supported: SQL Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition w/ Service Pack 3)
Hardware equipment (servers, desktops, etc.) or virtual machines on your premises or in the cloud (e.g. Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services etc.)
Operating Systems (minimum required: Windows Server 2008 or Windows 7)
Software apps that are part of the business processes that are to be automated (Microsoft Office Suite, SAP etc.)


Below is the link for all documents i.e. System requirements, user guides, installation guides etc.

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The information was useful.
Could you please share some information about the UiPath Studio and Orchestrator.
What are the factors that decide, which one to go with.?

what is the minimum hardware required for running Orchestrator in 1 server and only 1 Robot in another machine?