Milestone 3 - Automating PowerPoint

Creating presentations can quickly become a Copy-and-Paste type of activity. One of the examples that this milestone covered was bringing data from spreadsheets into slides.

How would you use presentation automation in your context?

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Hi Can someone please help me create the powerpoint robot as it does not seem to be working, Thank you

Hi Can someone please have a zoom call with me to show me how to publish the robot onto UiPath i am having big difficults and cant do it


How would you use presentation automation in your context?
I would use automation to get the data from the source much faster, to avoid less clicks and create interesting content.

Hi, it takes me more time than expected. But now it works. I watched the video about five times. But it also a problem about my english level. (nativ german)
I don’t use zoom, can we use whatsapp or skype? Ines Hahn


I’m facing an issue which also isn’t really solved in the solution for this task.
I create the pivot charts and give them a name:
(as I can’t add screenshots I have to put it as text…)

Now I want to reference this pivot by name in the “Insert Excel Chart” action:

But for some reason, this only throws an error during runtime:
The range 'Soylent Green_ByType' can't be found ...

If I reference the pivot table using a cell range like "CurrentSheet.Name!K1:L7" it works.

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?