Migrating all activities from Chrome to Microsoft Edge?

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I have done a Uipath web automation Project using “Chrome” but due to some outage they need in “Edge” Browser can we change it easy with some steps ?
Is that Possible or Do we need to Create from the Start on Edge Browser ?

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Jayavignesh G

Hi @Jayavignesh_G ,

I am assuming you have used attach browser activity at most of the places so the chances were easy to implement.

1 You need to change browser type
2 You need to change attach window selector where in app you have to make it *.exe.

Try if this works for you.


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I have used the Attach Browser only when i strt the Application… For Reset of all Activities… I didn’t used. So, is that fine ??

This is fine but it’s always good to use attach browser, so now you have to go to each activity to change selector.

Better to test for 2 to 3 activity first before changing it to all activities.

Hi @Jayavignesh_G ,

Yes, change only in attache browser.

run your process on edge and see all the elements its able to find. If it failed re-select on edge.

“so now you have to go to each activity to change selector” - For the Activities which doesn’t have “Attach Browser” i have to go to the Each and Every activity on Edit Select for Changing UI Correct ?

That’s correct, it comes to best practice to use attach browser or attach window in our processes.

Great… Learning for Today !!.. Will try it and let you know Shortly !

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Also in addition to what @ermanoj3101 , @manjula_rajendran said. I think Uipath recently had released an update that makes all to cheange automation from one browser to another automatically

I am not sure about that

Check out the documentation as well


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Hi @Jayavignesh_G,

You can refer the links and answers in this thread. Your end use case is the same. Changing browser.