Migrate Tenant in Cloud Orchestrator to another organization

Hi Everyone!
In my Automation Cloud organization, we have a Tenant that we want to migrate to another Automation Cloud organization. I understood that the migration tool doesn’t work because it is only to migrate from an On-Premise Orchestrator to a Cloud. What can I do? We have a lot of processes and data in the Tenant and it will be a lot of effort to move manually.

Check this Orchestrator Manager - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace | Overview. Hope it helps.

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Thanks! I downloaded and tried the Orchestrator Manager but I have an error when I execute any requests (GET, POST) in any resource (FOLDERS, PROCESS, PACKAGES). The error is:

Invoke MakeGetRequest Workflow (Get Folders): Failed to process entity.
Request status: 400 / Response: {“StatusCode”:400,“StatusDescription”:“BadRequest”,“Message”:“Name https: is invalid”}.

I tried with an Orchestrator Cloud and OAuth authentication.
Do you know how can a fix this error?

Hi @vicente.diaz . Hope application scopes are added as per documentation. Make sure the input values passed are correct. For Cloud orchestrator, choose Cloud radio button. Enter App Secret and App ID created from OAuth Apps in the same orchestrator. Account Logical Name can be taken second part of orchestrator url. Tenant Logical Name is from third part of orchestrator url. For example, in the following url , accountname is the value to be entered in Account Logical Name, tenantname is the value for Tenant Logical Name.

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Thanks @devik! Now it works! It was the account’s logical name that I added wrong!

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