Migration of UiPath Orchestrator from AWS to Azure

Hi Team,

We are planning to migrate the orchestrator from AWS to Azure. Currently, we have 4 bots commissioned in orchestrator and need to migrate everything from AWS to Azure.

Is there any tool or can anyone suggest a process on how to migrate the orchestrator from one cloud platform to another without loosing anything.


I highly recommend asking this the technical support.
As you’re an enterprise customer they’ll probably help you better and faster than most people here.

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Hi there! There is no tool for migrating the orchestrator components. What it really amounts to is backup and restores. Depending on what version of orchestrator it is, there are some ways to make it a little easier (such as passing a parameters file and setting up the new orch like a secondary node)

Backup the db, backup the web config/dll.config (depending on orch version), backup your packages.

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