Uipath 2018.2 compatibility


We are using uipath 2018.2 in production in my firm. I saw that that version is no more supported and I am using the newest community version of uipath for the moment. I discovered a bot I develop on my version has compatibility problem with the older one.

What would be the best solution?

To downgrade my version? But how? There is no link to download older version of uipath.
To upgrade the 2018.2 version? What about the bots who were developed on that platform?

I also tried to change the versions of the activities to make some compatibility but without success.

Can you help me with that? Thank you

Buddy @jfinet

May be this could help you buddy


“If you develop a workflow with a newer version of studio, robots will need to be updated as well, to the same version.”

What they mean by “robots” ? The product or the bot/worflow.
And what they mean by “updating”? Change the code and replace all the depreciated activities?

Thank you for your answer!

Here they mean robot as Robot.exe been installed in your system along with studio buddy
if you are developing a process in a newer version of uipath studio, in order to execute that the Robot.exe must also be of same version…in order to make them same version we need to update them buddy, thats what they mean actually
Cheers @jfinet

Thanks again for your help.

The problem is that I try to run a workflow who was developed with the newest version of UIpath community version on a Virtual Machine who has the 2018.2 entreprise version. There are problems with the activities who cannot be executed.


Yes in the latest version we have many new activities and the same you won’t find in 2018.2 version and because of that you are getting error. Because of some issues in 2018.2 version they deprecated it.

Buddy @jfinet

Whenever you are trying to execute a workflow made of older version, in a newer version, its very common that we might be missing some updates that the new version has in the workflow made of older version…then it is not advisable to depreciate the newer version to the older for that purpose of one time alone…and it is always advisable to upgrade the package version of the activities in studio of newer version to access the activities buddy and replace the activities with a new one which shows error even after upgrading the activity packages
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ok so I really need to upgrade the old version. Any idea of where I can get the 2018.4 version? It seems it has longer time being supported (Product Lifecycle)

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I can only get the last version (2019.5) with this link… :confused:

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Kindly contact the technical support team buddy