Migrate From SQL Server To Azure SQL Database

Migrate from SQL Server to Azure SQL Database

To Migrate a Database from SQL Server to Azure SQL Database, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure to have already provisioned an Azure SQL Database
  2. Install and Run the latest version of SQL Server Management Studio and connect to the Azure SQL Database
  3. In SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), right-click on the SQL Server database that needs to be migrated, then click Tasks, and finally click on Deploy Database to Microsoft Azure SQL Database
  1. In the Deploy Database Wizard, click Next, then click Connect to connect to the target / destination SQL Database.
  1. Enter the credentials to connect to the target / destination Azure SQL Server.
  1. Fill in details to specify the following fields:
  • New database name
  • Edition of Microsoft Azure SQL Database
  • Maximum database size (GB)
  • Service Objective
  • File name for the temporary BACPAC

  1. Complete the Wizard
  2. Once the wizard has completed, the new (“target”) Database will be created as a copy of the Source Database.