Microsoft Vision : how can I get resuts from detect face?

I 'm trying to use Detect Face(Microsoft Vsion).
it looks like finish correctry ,but I can’t get returns.

show return (set OUTPUT for return)
OUTPUT.count → 1
OUTPUT → “UiPath.MicrosoftVision.FaceImafe
OUTPUT(0) → “UiPath.MicrosoftVision.FaceImafe

SETUPs are follows.
[Microsoft Vision Scope] : no err

[Detect Faces] : no err
ImageURL: “http://-------------------/-------.jpg”
Result : OUTPUT:(type:UiPath.MicrosoftVision.FaceImafe)

Hi @Itokio

Is it solve or not.
I am getting the same error.
Please let me know the solution if it is solve.