Microsoft Office365 Scope: Integrated Windows Authentication


I would like to send an email using Microsoft Office365 scope, my personal account and unattended bot. Thus, I found out that I can achieve that using Integrated Windows Authentication method. However, I didn’t find a tutorial to configure it. Need help to configure this. Thanks.


Please check this on how to create an app and give permissions… here are the detailed steps

Hope this helps


Hi @Anil_G ,

Thanks for the reply. I did configure Azure Directory using those steps, but it didn’t mention how can I use Integrated Windows Authentication in Microsoft Office365 scope.



You just need to select integrated windows option and procide the appid and tenant id…thats it…it uses the windows user and password to access the office 365…

If your machine hs access then it would work


Can you explain on this quote?


Integrated windows authentication means to use the machine username and password which the user logged in…

So sso should be enabled for the user that you are using to login and the bot uses the same details to login to office 365

Hope this is clear


Hi @Anil_G,

Thanks. I’ve gone through many documentations on SSO & Integrated Windows Authentication. I understand these topics now. However, I’ve no idea how can we configure to use them with Microsoft Office365 scope. Any other reference that related to this?


So to be straight…

Say the user account you are using to login to a machine is abc

Then if that abc has sso access to sharepoint then the same abc would be available for integrated windows authentication…

So…if you are able to log into sharepoint or office 365 using your windows passwords and username then you can use this