Microsoft Edge Extension Not Working with New Browser Update

Hi all,

Microsoft is rolling out a new Microsoft Edge browser built on the Chromium engine. I just upgraded this morning and all existing extensions are working except the Studio’s extension.

The new Microsoft Edge browser is compatible with 3rd party extensions, like the Chrome Web Store.

I just couldn’t find the extension from the Microsoft store or Chrome Webstore.

I am wondering if there’s a workaround for enabling Studio’s Edge extension? Perhaps, we need to wait for the next Studio release. :sob::crossed_fingers:

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Kindly check once with the technical support team on this pls

Cheers @Paakay

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Thanks, @Palaniyappan for the quick response :+1:

I am using Community edition and I have no license to open a ticket. I do need the new Edge browser extension though.

@pcand The thing is the new Edge browser supports extensions from 3rd Party sources like the Chrome Webstore.

However, I couldn’t find the extension in the Webstore and from the Microsoft Add-ons store.

Hopefully, they would make it available in the next release, and soon. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

UIpath will catch-up. After all the new Edge is just a chromium browser so a minimum refactoring of the chrome extension should do the trick.

May be that someone would have a temporary workaround?

Still, looking for new Microsoft edge extension compatible for Uipath studio…!!!
Any workaround for this problem…?

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Also looking for the Chromium based Edge extension.
The extension is also not visible on the chrome webstore anymore.

Hi @Astearon1, you can now install the extension in Studio.

Updated to the latest Studio and i see that now :slight_smile: thank you!

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