Microsoft Cognitive Services - POST Batch Read File - Unsupported media type

Dear Community,
I’m trying to automate a read text function using Microsoft’s Cognitive Services API to process files that may be coming in different types (e.g. pdf, jpeg and png).

I am currently able to access the service with an http request and my API key is working, but I keep getting a 415 error code: BadArgument - Unsupported media type.

I know the input passed has to be a raw image binary or image URL, but am unsure how to do this using UiPath. My hunch is there lies my problem as I get unsupported media type errors for all the files I have tried, which have been in pdf, jpeg and png (which should be supported media).

Anyone else encountered this and has been able to solve it? Thank you very much!

Have a nice day,

Hi @Phil

Would it help you:

Alternatively, see the documentation of the activity here: