HTTP Request | Error 415 - Unsupported Media Type

Hi. I’m currently trying to request the following API, here’s how it looks like in Postman:

It’s supposed to respond with a “requestSent”: true, but it keeps on returning a 415 Error, kindly check last pic

And here’s how the request looks in the HTTP request wizard (UiPath Activity)

And this is the error I get:

Are my parameters modified incorrectly, how can I make this work?


Simple enough question, however, have you placed your parameter values in quotations in UiPath

Hi @UiP_Mc,

Instead of putting in your json variables as parameters, take the json exactly as you see in postman and put in the body of the request. See if that works.



I will try this, thanks.

How do I do this? There’s no body to input the request payload. Just a ‘add a parameter’ button


Once you close the wizard and look at the HttpClient properties, you’ll see Body under options. Put your payload here. I don’t see that option in the wizard.


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Hey @tmays, I tried this, but I don’t know how to debug this error:

I just copied and pasted the exact request body from postman to the properties.


Hi @ronanpeter, I tried to put double quotations but it prompted a different error, I don’t think quotations are needed when supplying the value of the parameters.

I also tried to add the parameters one by one in the properties editor and this is what I get as a response:

I tried looking it up, and it said that it might be because of an unsupported format.

Here’s my Body Format:

Hey @UiP_Mc. I think your BodyFormat is fine as application/json and @ronanpeter is correct about the double quotes (in places).

For the key value pair, the key is not quoted and the value, if string, requires a double quote. The start of your body should look like this:

" {
requesterName : ““engineer bob””,
phoneNumber: “”+639985782272"“,


The beginning single quote starts the string, no quotes around the key of the key/value pair (because they’re already included as part of the overall string), and double quotes around the value of the key/value pair. Those will be changed to single quotes when processed.

Let me know how this works out.



Hi. I found a solution to this from a similar case:

So the Body(String) shouldn’t have a single space, and everything should be double quoted e.g. “”“requisitionNumber”“:”“123"”,““requisitionDescription””:““sample Description””"
Thanks Troy,

So the double quotes around the key worked?

Yup. It has to be enclosed like a string

Thank you sir.

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