"Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0" Error

I am getting this error while creating connection with Access Database.



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Hi @Avhishek_Ojha

Looks like the access database driver is not installed. Try installing it via the below link and try connecting…


Let know whether this helps to fix the issue

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Thanks for reply @Lahiru.Fernando.

I installed the driver, still its showing the same error.

Did you restart the computer after installing? Just try that also and see…

also try this link too…

This might work for you…

Let know whether this works

I installed the software…
I restart the system, still its not working…

Previously we installed UiPath & Access database engine on Windows 10. & Now we installed these two in Windows server 2016. And we are getting this issue on Windows server 2016 machine.

Issue solved…

Install Access DataBase Engine of 64 and 32 (both) in cmd prompt using ‘passive’ command.

Like:- accessdatabaseengine_x64.exe /passive


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