Metrics Or Time Taken For A Page To Extract The Data Using Document Understanding

How much time is taken to extract a page using Document Understanding?

  • Time spent in Robot (Digitize activity for OCR and other IntelligentOCR activities, for various other capabilities like extractors or classifiers, and potentially also the Robot-side OCR execution like in the cases of Omnipage and UiPath OCR LocalServer);
  • Time spent on the server if OCR is deployed in Cloud/AIC/StandaloneOnPremises;

The actual time spent in these 2 steps depends on the hardware and OS version on the Robot, the hardware on the server, and the network speed. Especially for OCR, and when there is a GPU or not.

The processing time is not proportional to page size either. Note that along with the increase in the size of a page, there will be an increase in processing time.