Method not found: 'Void UiPath.Core.Activities.Design.BaseTargetControl.set_SelectNodeOptions (UiPath.Core.SelectionOptions)'


i m getting this error when putting in sequence.
can u pls help me out?/


what Studio and CV versions are you using?

studio is -2019.4.2
and cv is -1.5.0

Facing the Similar error.

ok here is the fix, Click on Tools in studio > Project Dependencies Mass Update Tool > Choose feeds > Select dependencies(Here search for computer vision and select the correct CV package and click next).
Select rest of the options in dialog box as per your requirement and after completion restart the studio.
Try this and let me know if this fixes this issue


ya this solution worked.

Thank you very much.

Hey @YathishGowda

in cv scope when I m trying to extract some data its showing some error.
get text activity is not working properly in my case sud I use other ocr like googe and tesseract


Hi @niteshbutola5,

Please share the error message/Error screenshot and from what source you’re trying to extract the text?

this is the error m getting in most of the cases
but no [523] is different

pls have a look


one more doubt if the text is dynamically changing then cv get text actitvity will work or not?bcz in my case m getting error
screenshot below

  1. Looks like the first error is coming because of the source where you’re trying to extract the text is not spied /Indicated correctly
  2. You should fine tune the selectors using wildcards for the second error

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