Message Box Trigger - Solved

HI I am a newbie, I want to use a pop-up message box to trigger a robot. Is it possible?

Do you mean to be interactive with the user in attended mode?
You could explore the Event Monitor and Trigger activities, if the robot is currently running that can interact with actions made by the user attending the process.

To start the robot you can trigger it manually using the UiRobot.exe which should be in your taskbar, like this:

For unattended mode (where it runs in a backscreen with no user interaction) you would need to probably explore the possibility of using Orchestrator to manage high density of unattended jobs.

You can probably also explore triggering a robot via commandline but that has had some issues from my experience.

Hopefully I was not too advanced in my explaining.


Thanks @ClaytonM for a quick respond.
Yes, it’s unattended mode. Basically, I use Citrix receiver client to log in to a remote server, but it is set to kick users off the server session for every 2 hours with a pop-up message box. So I want to use the message box to trigger a robot to log back in to the server.

I see, so you want the robot to start as the user gets kicked off essentially. I am thinking you would need the robot to run all the time waiting for this message box to appear, then proceed with the job. I am not really sure other than that, but it’s not something I’ve tried to do so there might be some better solution out there.

I found a useful tutorial from YouTube, it gave me some ideas to create/run robot in background. Unfortunately, no message box trigger.

If the robot is running in the background, you could try the On Element Appear activity to perform your job once it appears. But, there are some other approaches to this as well.

Believe or not you just shredded light on me with the On Element Appear activity, that’s what I like about mind sharing/teamwork what seemed to be impossible it became possible. I tested with NotePad closing message box and it worked. Thanks.

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