Message Box Timeout?

Will the message box activity wait forever until the user clicks OK? Or is there a defined time limit in which it will time out? I don’t see a timeout property for the message box activity so I wasn’t sure. I have built an automation which can run unattended with the exception of logging into the website because the login includes an image captcha. I was thinking we could have the robot send an email to our help desk asking for help logging in and then use a message box that tells the help desk to click okay once they RDC into that VM and log in the website so the robot can continue running. But this will only work if there is no timeout limit for the message box activity. Any thoughts?

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To answer to your question, I don’t think there is any Timeout for default MessageBox activity and your Robot will halt at that point until someone clicks OK or your Orchestrator sends Kill command to Robot. Once the HelpDesk clicks OK, I guess you need “On Element Appear” (Extended Timeout) indicating some static selector element from the Page after successful login.

You can try this if you want with Timeout option.

MessageBoxActivities.1.0.1.nupkg (6.7 KB)

I don’t quite understand the situation, but if what you want is just some Message Box with timeout property, how about a simple Callout Activity?

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How do you install this activity. I have tried placing it in the packages folder and then installing with the package manager but get this error every time.

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Installed this, everything went fine :slight_smile:

This includes timer and seems to work.