Merging two excel files

Hello Everyone! I have two excel files with the same column names but arranged differently and also number of columns are different in both excel files like E-form No. in the first excel file is second column and in the second file is fourth column.

  1. First Excel file has 19 columns
  2. Second excel file has 26 columns

Solution Required
I wanted to write all my data in first excel file(having 19 columns), according to the columns present in first excel file, I don’t want any column from second file which is not present in first excel file.

Your responses are appreciated.

Thank you.


You can use Join Data Tables activity, later you can use Filter Datatable and select Output Columns and mention your columns you required

Hope this may help you


I tried using JOIN TABLE but then is realized values in columns are also different LOL…
I just wanted to append the range of second file into the first one according to the columns in first file. Thank you


If you can share sample input, output files then that would be clear