Merged cells from excel file

Hello All,

I have downloaded a file from an website. It has few columns merged, just like we find merge& center in excel. Column- A,B,C and Column- E,F,G,H. How can I unmerge them?
Please help me with this issue.

Hi @ramshiva_reddy

You can use Read range workbook activity to store the data in to the datatable.
In the read range workbook give the cell range as ā€œA:Cā€
Then use write range workbook activity to write the datatable to excel. Then it will write the A,B,C columns in one excel.

Do the same for Column E,F,G,H then give the cell range as ā€œE:Gā€

Hope it helps!!

Thank You bro. It worked

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Thank you @ramshiva_reddy

Happy Automation!!

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