Merge two datatables and place it in one sheet

I have two datatables i want to place it in one sheet.
But i want second datatable above and first datatable below.

Please help

Hi @Tabbu

Write range the second datatable!

And Use append range to append the first datatable after second Datatable!



@Tabbu Hi, Please follow as @pravin_calvin said. Img for reference.

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Hi @Tabbu ,

Merge data table activity have two input arguments one is source data table and destination datatable. the mechanism of the merge is destination will come first and source come second. So use the data table you want first in the destination and second should be in source.

the main point is for merging data table you should have same column names. thanks


But this activity is only valid inside excel application scope.Nd i m getting datables from datascrapping.So there is no use of excel application in my case.

Thanks for ur effort!!
But please provide a solution of mine case

Hi @Tabbu

Could you explain your scenario bit more elaborate?


I have extracted a data using data scrapping
Like these i have scrapped two times.Nd store the result in datatables.So i got two datatables.
Now i want to merge the datatables in 1 sheet .
But i want to places 1st datatable then leaving 1 row ,then need to place 2nd datatable just below the 1st datatable.

I m stuck in my project please help

Hi @Tabbu
use this syntax
first write the first datatable into excel starting index as A1
then use assign activity to get length of the first datatable
use another write range to write Datatable 2 (starting index as ** “A”+length+2.ToString**)

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@Tabbu Hi, While you scrap the data from the web page, (ex)

  1. scrap the first table and store the variable as your wish “extracted_result1”

  2. scrap the second table and store the variable as your wish “extracted_result2” and Write it on excel1.

  3. append range call excel1 and apply extracted result1.
    Main.xaml (11.9 KB)


Using this evrything is fine but the problem is in second datatable which i m gonna place it down having headers. So when i m using this append range and adding add headers in the properties of write range activity then the headrrs of second datatable is getting at the starting and rest of the datatable are getting after the first datatable.

Please help in it

untick the add headers property of second datatable

Getting error in indexing at datatable2

Datatable is extracted through data scrapping so there is no properties in that of add headers

before gonna write the second datatable

create a int variable (Ex count)


in the second write range activity starting range as “A”+(Count+2).ToString

no you have view add headers property on write range activity

Thank you so much .This is working

no issues

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