Merge to target branch conflicts


Is there any tutorial on how to use git for Uipath.

I am facing issues in resolving conflicts while merging the branch. I want to keep changes from both remote and local branch. How do i do so?

In Uipath, the solve conflicts window just gives option either to choose left / right (i.e remote or local). How to choose both?

GIT branches don’t really work like that. Your local branch should be a continuation of the remote branch. A merge conflict means that someone changed the remote branch after you made changes to your local copy after the last time you copied it from the remote branch.

If you want to merge changes from both branches, you will have to do them manually in Studio as far as I know.

The UiPath GIT Tutorial: Managing Projects with GIT

Edit: To clarify, you can have multiple changes to a project merged automatically. this only applies to the file scope.

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