Merge Datatable via columns

I have a scenrio where i need to merge two different columns, this is the result i get when i use Merge Table activity

Input Table1

Input Table2

Expected Result
COL1, COl2
V1, Va
V2, Vb
V3, Vc

Actual Result
Column 1, Column2

You need to use the “join data table activity”. Merge is useful for combining tables with the same schema.

Could you give some more ideas, the columns and the corresponding value will be dynamically created.
any example would be helpful

Hey there, this is a SQL type concept, might be worth researching. Here is a very basic example on how it works:

Table 1 and 2 can be joined with a key that they share (keys are unique identifiers that are shared across 2 or more tables). In this case, the ID column in green is what can be used to join. Think of it as a vlookup in Excel if you are familiar with it. By joining these tables you are able to get info from the other tables. For example, If I were to join Sally Select I would see that she had a Login action.

Sorry mate for your case join isn’t any good because you don’t have any common columns, my bad.

This however should work Main.xaml (10.1 KB)

You can’t directly add the columns because the column already belongs to the first table so you had to add the row items seperately.

This solution although good, takes into account the total rows in first column only, it leaves out the extra rows in other columns.

Well you’ve got a good starting point thpugh, shouldn’t be too hard to modify