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I am facing an issue and I would appreciate if anyone help me to fix this.
I have two data table(without header) and want to merge them to a new datatable and add header to that merge datatable, but for 2nd datatable the first column is empty so after merging bot replacing the blank row with next row of data so I am getting datatable with wrong column arrangement. Please advise me on this:

test1.xlsx (8.7 KB) [test2.xlsx|attachment]
(upload://5wXYgX96Rn1GO5qRvJgaOQm8T4m.xlsx) (8.6 KB)
imagetest2.xlsx (8.6 KB)

Hi @koushik!

For the 2nd datatable you need to add a empty column first, change it to the first position and then do the merge.

To do this, use “Add Data Column” activity to add a column in the 2nd datatable and then follow the instructions on the solution of this post: Add Column and make it as the FIrst Column - #2 by Jan_Brian_Despi to make it the first one. Finally, do the merge with the 1st datatable.

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