Column missing while merging one datatable with another


I have a datatable that i have written into an excel sheet .

When I’m merging this datatable with another datatable and writing into an excel sheet , the first column is not getting added .

What could be the possible fix for this ?

Initially I had used Merge Datatable activity to merge the first datatable to the second.But got this error

[Error: <target>.ColumnName and <source>.ColumnName have conflicting properties: DataType property mismatch]

Hi @itsahmedfiroz,

Are the column names same in both the files,

Merge datatable merges the 2 tables when column names are same

Print datatable 1 with add headers
Print datatable 2 with add headers
Print merged datatable with add headers

These columns have no header . But I’ve added the header property to check the output and noticed that the headers are different . I had used Invoke method with ImportRow property to merge which resulted in missing column due to unmatched header. How to merge it without using column headers ?

@itsahmedfiroz try with attached sample. The flow contains a sample on how to merge two dt.
Please use this approach in your workflow and see if it works. (2.0 KB)

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Can you upload the workflow with the excel files?

It can be any excel. The given flowchart will merge them and display. make sure to change the locatio of excel in the workflow.

Issue fixed

@itsahmedfiroz Post the solution so it will be easy for others

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