Merge 3 excels files


Can someone see what i’m missing here? I’m trying to merge 3 excel files, into one new file.

See attached file.

Merge& (39.0 KB)


Try the below flow, i have just changed the way you read the excel files.

Merge& (39.8 KB)


Still the same issue with the merge data table.

Provide a screenshot of the error


The error is that Object reference not set to an instance of an objec

please share the resolution xml


Already shared, once i find the solution, i ll share the xaml file.

The destination datatable is not initialized, try to build a datatable and then follow steps to merge

Someone help on this please

The data did not merge and technically it should.

See attached file.

Merge& (44.4 KB)

A few things to take care of

  1. The main data table needs to be initialized before using the same

dt_data = new DataTable [In Variable Pane]

  1. Use a temporary Datatable to store the individual excel data and merge it to the main datatable

tempDT = new DataTable [In Variable Pane]

  1. Make the temp datatable nothing after each merge

tempDT = Nothing [Assign]

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Hello @balaji.muralikrishna

I tried what you said before, still not working.


Hello, please help me on this, trying to learn the merge data table, but can’t find what’s the issue, or what i missed.

Thank you in advance !

Merge& (44.5 KB)

merge data table is to unite two non-empty data tables…


With the loop i did, it shouldn’t be empty ? If so, i get an error, the thing is that i don’t get any errors, and get only the last file copied on the new file.

@mz3bel I don’t know if you have already found the Solution :sweat_smile: , but Just Check the NEW.xlsx file in the Zip File and see if you wanted the Output in that manner
Merge& (43.5 KB)

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Thank you for your example, please can you explain what you did exactly there?

@mz3bel I was experimenting actually and somehow i got the result In an Ordered fashion :joy:, I do not think it is an ideal Solution though :sweat_smile:

I have just modiified a bit, I Created Datatable that should match my Outpu. I understoood that there will be empty columns while reading the Excel , hence After reading I have remove the Empty Columns, . I renamed the Columns to match my Output DT, in this way I was able to Merge.

Although I don’t think it is an Ideal Solution


I see, but why delete the empty colomuns, does it mean that when it will merge, if they are empty the will erase the other data that was there before ?

Do you have any simple example for my case ?

@mz3bel Do you need the Empty Columns ?