Merge 2 String List


I have 2 string list,. Var1 and Var2.
Var1 can be of length 0 to n, Var2 can also be of length 0 to n. Need to merge them in Var1 itself.
You have any easy option. Please provide some guidance

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What does it mean merge?
Provide examples.

unionList = list1.Union(list2).ToList

unionDistinctList = list1.Union(list2).Distinct.ToList


then I mentioned merge Var1 and Var2 to Var1 so output is
Var1= {‘Str1’,‘Str2’,‘Str3’,‘Str4’}

Var1 and Var2 will be distinct always as per requirement but possible to have 0 values

Than you can use my first example:

In Assign activity
Var1 = Var1.Union(Var2).ToArray

But I recommend not use the same variable for new array. And try to use more meaningful names for variables.


Thanks. your solution works fine.
Actual variable names are different, Thanks for your suggestions :slight_smile: