Question on combine two lists

I have two list.
list1: [xx,yy], list2: [q,t]

I would like to return 4 list to be [xx,q], [xx,t], [yy,q], [yy,t].
How can I do that?


give a try on following:

(From l1 In list1
From l2 In list2
Select new Object() {l1,l2}).toList

Use this within an assign activity
Should return a list of Object()

Kindly Note:

  • it is assumed list1, list2 are lists
  • fine tuning on other datatypes are prossible e.g. new String(){l1,l2} for returning list of strings()

I would like to return 4 list to be

maybe need some further clearification, but should be solveable as well (e.g. Select new List(of Object) ({l1,l2}) in case of you need a different return result

Let us know your open questions

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