Maximise window not working in SAP

Hi there!
I have to maximise the SAP window I am working on, and after using maximise window activity, the window shows the maximise symbol but is not actually maximised.
This is creating a lot of issues at times.
Can someone please advice what can be done for this.

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There are many ways to handle this buddy
—use Open application activity
— get the output from Windows property from this activity and pass that variable in Maximize window activity as the input.

—Maximize window activity within an Attach Window scope


—Click the maximize button on the top right of the window with a click activity.


—Using Send hotkey Win + PageUp.

Kindly try with these options and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @ui2507path


I have been using the first two options but that’s really uncertain. It works at times and sometimes it just doesnt work.
I will try with hotkey and let you know consistently if that works.


it works for me with the ootput variale of attach window to the input of maximize activity

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