Max length problem with column

i have one Pdf so wt i did - i extracted data in text file and then save all data in excel but in description column it is showing like The value Description violets the maxlength limit in column.

what is the problem with it how to overcome this issue

Depending on how have created the datatable you can do:

Add DataColumn Activity:

or by an assign activity


i tried this in my flow but showing error L-value from given expression.i will send my xmal pls guide me where should i put this
canarabank_tblextraction.xaml (65.6 KB)

Can you please check your implementation here:

Build datatable is not defining any column. So following assign tries to modify the MaxLength of a datacolumn, which doesn’t exist. Define datacolumn directly on build datatable along the MaxLength or define column with add datacolumn activity

or -1 for no limits

If you haven’t defined anything in your Build Data Table, why are you even using a Build Data Table?

its sayali who is requesting not me, as you answer is adressing me. This can happen for many reasons. But in a collaborative way also members can help others to fix issues. Thats what we try to do.

Sorry, I thought I was replying to the OP.

i tried adding build data table its working but if i add entries in build data table it will push all text data in last cell of description. either it take only first tbl data or else it take whole.i will share u my code and excel.check last row description it take whole data.i want till FUNDS TRANSFER DEBIT 1826261000254 - SUNDRAM FASTENERS
CanaraBank.txt (2.9 KB)
Output_City.xlsx (9.7 KB)
canarabank_tblextraction.xaml (40.6 KB)

check cell E8 it take whole data

we would suggest to have seperated the topics. This Topic was about max Length violation and it looks like it is solved. So close the topic by marking the solving post as solution. Last Question looks like a retrieval case. Feel free to open a new topic specific on this case.

Clear seperated topic discussions help researches to find more easy solutions for their similar cases.

Thanks for support

ok i have created separate topic for same.pls guide me if u know solution

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