Matches function (RegEx) does not work

Extract Text Between Labels (1).xaml (12.1 KB)

Dear Community,
Could somebody tell me why this matches activity wont work?
I checked it for the inserted data myself that the labels exist.

Kind Regards,

Buddy @Akay unable to see the activities

Kindly send them as zipped folder with Project.json file as well buddy


The Matches activity returns a collection of matches (knowing that you might actually have more than one selection that matches your input text).
You will need to do a For Each activity to loop through the matching items or to get only the first match, you might use the Assign activity and just grep the first item like:

firstMatch = matchValue.Cast(Of Object).First


currently I have this for each loop.

This is somehow not working.
Besides I do not only want the first match I Want to have a file that contains all matches .