Could not pass date from excel to web textfield

Hi All,
I have an excelsheet in which 1 column is for dates and i want to pass throse dates to web text field
I used Typeinto to pass the dates but BOT is again and again taking date which is set in the calendar near to date textfield rat´her than picking it from excel sheet.

Any suggestion???

Hi @somya177,

Could you advise how you are storing these dates that you copy from the excel file?

I am formating these dates to Indian format…saving the work…then in uipath using excel application scope activity,get row item,saving it as variable and passing this variable using typeinto in web application

you can use recorder or just the proper activities to go to the desired web app(Open browser, Type into).
Then you can use a For each activity to iterate the datatable and get your desired data(i.e Date) from there. Ex: For each row in DT - Type into (some date field you have there) row.toString.
After every iteration you can clear the date value that was entered previously

i am using that…but the webpage is so dynamic that rather than taking my date variable it is taking the date randomly from the calendar Icon present in the date text field

If web page is so dynamic then there must be something changing in the selector. Recheck on the selector , if you are able to get the date from excel to data table, then probably it will be selector issue.