Match data between two dataTable

Hi please I need ur help,
I have an excel file (client.xlsx) contain 3 columns : postal code - city - adresse
and another one (Invoice.xlsx) contain : column 1 - column 2 - column3

I have to search the cell in column1 match witth cell in postal code + cell in city

and display the row that contain the match from Client.xlsx

for conclusion the main idae is to match two column from one file with one column in another file.

thanks a lot for your help.

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@ifranity Better post sample excel files for both

But why do you need to do this with UiPath? You can just use excel formulas and stuff I guess

InfoClient.xlsx (9.7 KB)
InputClient.xlsx (1.6 MB)
please find attach the excel files
thank you

InfoClient = Invoice.xlsx
InpputClient = client.xlsx

for example here in InputClient.xlsx I have to match row 17 that contain (the postal code + city ) with two column in InfoClient.xlsx in orther to be sure that is the right cell !


I don’t get why you have to do this with UiPath since you can do it automatically with excel. What you could do is put it on a macro and then invoke the macro? Just random ideas that come through my mind…

Hi, thank you for the response,

my problem is that I have different Invoice.xlsx so the row 17 can change the place everytime.

If a excel macro can do this ? please show me how ? thanks a lot

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What’s the problem you’re trying to solve in the first place? From what I understand, the robot will receive invoice files in the Excel format, and then it needs to check whether the address in the invoice is valid by searching for the address in a list of addresses. Is this correct?

The problem here is that you need to tell the robot where the part about address is in the invoice file. If you could extract just the address, you’d be able to first look for pattern inside that initial string that would match the postal code (apparently, 4 or 5 digits). Then you’d search for that value in the other sheet, which would give you a list of possible cities. After that, for each city, you check if that city name is in the line about the invoice.

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