Marking File/Path Folder as required in order to proceed in Form Designer?

Hi. I’m making an interface where the user has to choose the path for two files. Everything works as intended BUT in order remove the user error (pressing the Proceed button without the files) I need to make the input fields required in order to be able to proceed. The fields have to be in the same window.

Any thoughts?

Hi @s0biesky ,

In the Edit Json, you can add below code to make it as required.

"validate": {
    "required": true,

Saranya K R

Hi @SaranyaKishore ,
I’ve modified the json but it doesnt work. Maybe because the File/Folder Path doesn’t have a “Validation” area like the Text field which works just fine.

  "label": "Introduceti Caietul de sarcini",
  "customClass": "filePath",
  "showAllFileTypes": false,
  "key": "introducetiCaietulDeSarcini",
  "input": true,
  "suffix": "Select ",
  "tableView": true,
  "type": "filePath",
  "filePathExtension": [
      "displayName": "PDF Files",
      "value": "*.pdf"
  "validate": [
      "required": true

Here’s the json.

If anyone comes across this. I’ve used Is Match Activity so if “introducetiCaietulDeSarcini”:"" = True - log message - error something - go again using a flowchart.

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