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I had given a task where i should read 15 excel file (each) and write the data present in data in google form. I dont Know how to read 15 excel in a folder. How can i achieve this.

Hi @soumi_soumiya

To read multiple files in a folder you can use the below code


This will get all the files into a string array.
Then use a for each activity to loop through the file paths of the folder. Within the loop, add a read range activity to read the content of each excel.

To enter the data in a Google sheet, you can use G suit activities in connect.

This is also a sample template which you can consider for your task…

can you give me a sample for this for better proccess

Hi @soumi_soumiya

Scenario 1: Use Directory.GetFiles(string path, string searchPattern)

Scenario 2: Use Foreach to Iterate in the Files

Scenario 3: Read the Excel Application

  1. Use Excel Aplication Scope and pass the selected file image

2.Then use read range image

3.Then Use ForEachRow image to read and iterate through excel file.

4.Pass the value that you read in Excel in to Google Sheet form in your desire!

Using Typeinto Activities image

hope this might help you!

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