Manual step by step process

Hello community

I am trying to design a Manual step by step process of my use case
Are there any rules to design the descriptive diagram?
is there any example I can follow

Thanks in advance

Hi @Amani_Boukadidaaa ,

You can follow these steps.

1 - If process is easy use flowchart and if complex better to go with REFramework
2 - Variable naming convention should be camel or pascal case.
3 - Arguments should start with in_ , out_ and io_
4 - Each activity should have proper names
5 - Add annotation to each workflows.
6- Better to create separate xaml files for the potion that can be reuse.
7 - Proper try catch and rethrow in each workflows
8 - Proper mail on SE and BE
9 - Try to avoid nested if else use decision in flowchart.

Better to create dispatcher and performer if it have queue concept.


thank you

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