Mandatory fields in UiPath Document understanding

How do we set mandatory fields for extraction in Document understanding framework.
Also how can we add validation(value should not be empty) for mandatory fields in validation station.

HI @ninadv99,

While configuring extractors, you can select different extractors for your document fields(based on its type), so in this if a particular extractor is not able to fetch its value, it might get fetched using another extractor.

This would increase the probability of getting the required value extracted(just a example shown below:)

Still to ensure in the long run that all required fields are extracted properly, training step would definitely be required.

For in depth details, you can refer playlist on below link, it has all the working steps shown(to be carried out in studio) in document understanding defined in a detailed manner, you might find it useful.


@sonaliaggarwal47 Thanks !! for info…
do we know any alternate way for mandatory fields validation…


Hi @ninadv99,

You can consider making use of action center for this purpose.

So you can create an action in action center using below 2 activities whenever any field value is not fetched or confidence level for a field is found to be relatively low,

This will attach an image of the document and also will show what values were fetched in action center. So user can login to action center, verify the info and also fill in the information that was not extracted or incorrectly extracted and save and complete the task.

This way you can make sure your process is always able to retrieve the mandatory fields.

Hope this helps:)

In video link that I have shared above, you will also be able to find action usage after extracting fields from document.
In short, if you will follow the video, you will be able to achieve what you are looking for :slight_smile:


Let me try out this…


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