Data Extraction, validationa and verification using Document Understanding

We want to extract data from hand written pdfs and validate data and through an error if any field missing or empty then want to verify if supporting documents attached.

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what is your problem exactly?

Are you unsure how to complete these steps etc?

Take a look at this post:

@raju_alakuntla Can you explain a bit more. if any field missing or empty then want to verify if supporting documents attached???

We want to validate data after extracting using DU, if any fields missing or empty then through an error, if everything is correct then look for supporting documents

I think this is already handled in DU itself with the help of Validation station for extractor

With which you can validate whether the data is fetched as expected and if any couldn’t meet the confidence level then it sends to action Center of orchestrator as a task

If everything is correct it won’t send and continues with the process

Refer this image for more details

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You do have Other Open Topics that have same requirement, please do not create Redundant Topics. Topic you have posted before :

There are suggested Solutions in the Topic too, Have you tried that ?

We would also like to know what do you mean by look for Supporting Documents ?

@raju_alakuntla The extracted data will be in a data set from where you can validate are there any missing fields. We can LINQs to achieve this. The Document Understanding Process Template, would help to get to know how to validate the missing or empty fields (using LINQ) coming from DU extractor