Manage Packages and Community Edition

In Community Edition which is at 2023 now, if I have to work on activities from Studio 2020, how can I do that? Is it possible to download older packages with Manage Packages? For example PDF?

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Hi @A_Learner

Download the required packages you want and downgrade the version to whichever you want.

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When you’re in the Manage Packages window and select a package, you can use the pulldown to select the version you want:

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Try by Degrade the Project dependencies of pdf activities

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That helps. When I am in Studio 2023, is there a way to know which packages Studio 2020 uses?

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I’m curious why you want the older packages based on version of Studio.

Anyway, you’d have to investigate the specific package you’re looking for in order to determine if there are any backwards compatibility issues. That info is typically found in the right side of the Manage Packages window.

Thank you @postwick for the detailed reply.

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